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Your Guide to Medical Services

4 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help with Childbirth

Travis Gibson

Most people already know that chiropractic care is a great way to treat chronic pain and promote good health, but did you know it can be especially beneficial for those who are soon to give birth? While some conditions mean chiropractic care will not be recommended during pregnancy, it's a perfectly healthy treatment option for most soon-to-be mothers, and it offers several compelling benefits.

Here are just four reasons to arrange chiropractic care before giving birth.

1. Optimal Birthing Position

When your pelvis is poorly aligned, it is less able to properly expand to accommodate a descending baby. This means it can take longer for a baby to descend, and it also increases the risk of the baby moving into a nonoptimal birthing position. This can mean facing a longer and more complicated delivery. In fact, a nonoptimal birthing position often means having to have a caesarean rather than a natural birth. While a chiropractor cannot remove this risk entirely, they can relax and properly align your pelvis to help your baby move into the best possible position.

2. Reduced Stress

It's no secret that giving birth can be stressful on the mind as well as the body. By arranging chiropractic care, you can safeguard your emotional health. A chiropractor will be able to help reduce the way stress before birth can affect your body and help make you feel as relaxed as possible. With a healthier mindset and a more relaxed body, giving birth can be at least a little easier.

3. Reduced Pain

Many women prefer not to use pain medication during a delivery, but high levels of pain can often make such medication necessary. Even when medication isn't required, it's clearly best to reduce pain as much as possible. Chiropractic care cannot prevent pain entirely, but ensuring everything is in alignment and your ligaments and muscles aren't too strained can make the process smoother and reduce the need for pain medication.

4. Faster Recovery

Before you give birth, it can be difficult to think about anything but the delivery itself. However, chiropractic care can continue to help even after your baby is born. Pregnancy causes the body and spine to adapt and places additional pressure on your joints, ligaments and muscles, but a chiropractor can keep your spine aligned and help your body adapt to those changes. Since you'll be reducing any unnecessary strain throughout your pregnancy, you should find your body recovering rapidly after the baby has been delivered.  

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